Wild Greens – Practical Task

Practical Learning Activity

Activity 1: Collecting cattle dung

  • Collect some try cattle dung from cattle that graze on natural veldt areas.
  • Heat a pot of river sand to sterilise it.
  • Spread it out in an ice cream tub with drainage holes in its base.
  • Stand the tub on a drip tray that contains a small amount of water
  • Sprinkle the dry cattle dung on top of the sand and gently work it into the surface of the sand.
  • Water the surface each day until the seeds in the dung germinate.
  • Continue to water the plants every few days until they are big enough to identify.
  • Take some pictures of your plants for your teacher toolkit and establish which of your plants are imifino.

Activity 2: Planting Radish

Plant radish in your potting soil mixture that you prepared in the previous unit. Remember to take some pictures as your radish grow.