Fundisa for Change courses support transformative environmental learning.

Our Online Courses

The National Curriculum Statement in South Africa requires that all subjects address the cross-cutting principle of human rights, social justice, inclusivity and a healthy environment emphasising the importance of creating a safe learning environment focused on love for self, others and the world around us, equipping learners with essential skills to navigate and respond to matters of concerns in their daily lives.

The Fundisa for Change courses are specially designed to strengthen the integration of the principle on human rights, social justice, inclusivity and a healthy environment into the teaching of CAPS in ways that support transformative learning. The courses also support teachers and schools to transform learning environments. Our courses are designed to be easily accessible to all teachers, providing flexible online training options and resources to ensure inclusivity and reach, regardless of geographic or economic barriers.

Each course has a focus on relevant curriculum content, transformative teaching practice and assessment practice.  And, it encourages teachers to develop curriculum activated change projects that contribute directly to creating healthy learning environments in schools and communities.

Fundisa for Change contributes to sustainable and healthy schools, communities and society, as envisaged in the South African Constitution.

Starting out with the Fundisa for Change Courses

In order to use the subject-specific Fundisa for Change courses, it is important to first familiarise yourself with the core elements of the Fundisa for Change courses:

  • Know your Subject
  • Improve your Teaching Practice
  • Improve your Assessment Practice

To initiate this process, begin by engaging in the Core Introduction course, Introduction to ESD Teaching Practices, and Fundisa (Teach) for Change. This serves as a crucial foundation for all Fundisa for Change courses, providing essential insights for all participants. This module focusses on how the Fundisa for Change program aligns with the CAPS curriculum through transformative teaching, learning, and assessment methodologies. Additionally, it introduces ways in which Fundisa for Change subject courses can be leveraged to support comprehensive school development and the establishment of transformative learning environments. Accessible to all at no cost, this Core Introductory Module is a prerequisite for registering for subject-specific courses. If you’re interested in joining the Fundisa for Change program and accessing the additional courses, please reach out to the program coordinator. These courses are tailored specifically for South African educators and teacher education. You have the option to complete the courses independently online or to engage in a more immersive experience by joining one of our groups. For those interested in participating in formal training groups, please get in touch with us for further details.

How to register and claim your SACE Points

The videos below explains how to register for the online courses and how you can claim your Level 1 SACE points after you’ve completed your one of our online courses.

Introduction to ESD and Fundisa for Change Online Course

Click below to register for the Introduction to ESD and Fundisa for Change online course, or click on the course icon to view the course introduction and structure.

Teaching Life Orientation Online Courses

Teaching Climate Change

Teaching Climate Change in Life Orientation – Self and Society (Grade 8 to 12)
Teaching Climate Change in Life Orientation – Environmental & Social Responsibility (Grade 8 to 12)
Teaching Climate Change Geography (Grade 10 to 12) – Energy Exchange
Teaching Climate Change Geography (Grade 10 to 12) – Energy resource use and change

Teaching Green Economy and Entrepreneurship in Economic Management Sciences

(Grade 7 to 9)

Teaching Green Economy and Entrepreneurship in Business Studies

(Grade 10 to 12)

Another interesting resource that the KIC: Climate Change Education Project has developed is an extensive digital library of materials for all KIC partners. This  Open Educational Resources (OER’s) that focus on teaching and learning about climate change and sustainability

The primary purpose of this OER is to provide the teaching community (from primary, through to teacher educators) with relevant text and media resources to enhance their teaching practices and courses. You can do general searches by main categories such as climate change topic, foregrounded approach, or target audience. Each general category is then broken down into subtopics to help you find your areas of interest. The best part is you can also support the platform my adding your own resources and materials. To access this resources click on the button below.

If you are currently in South Africa and would like to access the #Datafree Version of this Online Course please click on the link below.