Welcome to the Fundisa for Change Teaching Green Economy and Entrepreneurship Courses

Welcome to the Fundisa for Change Teaching Green Economy and Entrepreneurship Courses. Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) “empowers (teachers and) learners to take informed decisions and responsible actions for environmental integrity, economic viability and a just society, for present and future generations, while respecting cultural diversity” (UNESCO, 2019). While it is very easy to pursue economic growth without thinking about its impact on the environment, our current reality is that climate change and sustainability has become a global concern. In view of this challenge, the need to understand the notions of sustainability, green economy and green entrepreneurship, and how to integrate these into the South African school curriculum is an imperative. High school commerce subjects (Accounting, Business Studies and Economics) are viable curricula in which these notions could be better introduced and integrated. Specifically, Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) (Grades 7-9) and Business Studies (Grades 10-12) are identified as school subjects that present the opportunity to integrate Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Education for Sustainable Development foregrounds the integration of environment, society and economies for a better life and future for all. Internationally ESD is influencing curriculum development at all levels and phases of the education system, and in South Africa, we can see the influence of new thinking about environment, society and economy in the CAPS curriculum.

Looking at the CAPS: Environment and sustainability within CAPS
The CAPS curriculum is based on a set of important principles. These inform all teaching and learning in the CAPS, and have informed the design and development of all CAPS subjects. These principles are:

  • Social Transformation
  • Active and Critical Learning
  • High Knowledge and High Skills
  • Progression
  • Human Rights, Inclusivity, Environmental and Social Justice
  • Valuing Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Credibility, Quality and Efficiency

Both Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) (Grades 7-9) and Business Studies (Grades 10-12) Courses focuses on enhancing three essential aspects of teaching:

  •  Knowing your Subject,
  •  Improving your Teaching Practice, and
  •  Improving your Assessment Practice.

(Fundisa for Change, 2022)

About our Teaching Green Economy and Entrepreneurship Courses

There are two Teaching Green Economy and Entrepreneurship online courses which covers two Topics namely: Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) and Business Studies. Each course consist of an introductory text, main topic and then concludes with a course assignment. Each theme-based course aims to develop deep subject knowledge, with support for how to teach and assess the subject knowledge. 

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Important readings

Below are links to the supplementary published Fundisa for Change essential units we will draw upon during our courses.