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Welcome to the Fundisa for Change Introduction Course!

The Introductory Course offers context and foundational knowledge for teacher trainers and teachers to help develop their core understanding of the principles of the Department’s Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) as it relates to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Environmental and sustainability education is an essential component to implement subject-specific orientated processes of learning-led change to tackle matters that concern self, our community and the world situated in wellbeing for sustainable living and sustainable livelihoods.  The Introductory course will explain how the Fundisa for Change programme supports the CAPS curriculum with transformative teaching, learning and assessment processes. It will also introduce how the Fundisa for Change subject courses can be expanded to support whole school development and the development of transformative learning environments.

This course introducing ESD as knowledge mediated learning using the 7 principles of CAPS and how these apply to the 3 dimensions of ESD. It focuses on  enhancing three essential aspects of teaching:

  • Knowing your Subject,
  • Improving your Teaching practice, and
  • Improving your Assessment Practice.

Important readings

Below are links to the supplementary published Fundisa for Change essential units we will draw upon during this course.

Course Assessment

Completing this Course Independently as a Teacher

To earn a certificate of completion for your Level 1 SACE points, you must finish the entire course, including all activities and the final quiz. Upon completing the course, you will automatically receive your certificate for personal professional development. If you do not receive your certificate, please contact us for assistance.

Completing this Course as part of a facilitated group

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