Fundisa for Change Virtual Learning Participants Informed Consent Declaration

Thank you for agreeing to be part of this study. This document serves to obtain your consent to be involved in this study.

Project title: Fundisa for Change Online Teaching Capacity Programme

Dr Wilma van Staden from the Department of Education, Rhodes University, has requested my permission to participate in the research mentioned above project.

The nature and the purpose of the research project and this informed consent declaration has been explained to me in a language I understand. Our Contact Details: For any further information on the study, please contact Dr Wilma van Staden at

For any further information on Rhodes University’s Research Ethics Committee, please contact

Rhodes University, Research Office, Ethical Review, Ethics Coordinator:, t: +27 (0) 46 603 7727 f: +27 (0) 86 616 7707, Room 204, Main Admin Building, Drostdy Road, Grahamstown, 6139

Thank you for agreeing to partake in this study. Please complete the following form in order to participate in this research and interview.

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I acknowledge the purpose of the research project. The Rhodes team has provided an explanation that the project involves the delivery of three courses focusing on the facilitation, design, and development of online courses aligned with Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The primary objective of this project is to investigate and study the effectiveness of the online training programs within the Fundisa for Change initiative, specifically designed for trainers and teachers. The research aims to evaluate how the online learning platform and courses supports teachers in integrating Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) topics into their classroom practices. Additionally, it seeks to examine how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are utilised to drive transformative learning within the curriculum. I understand that my participation in this research is entirely voluntary, and I reserve the right to withdraw at any point if I choose to do so.*
I am aware that Rhodes University has given ethical clearance to this research project (Ethics Approval Number: 2023-7565-8182 2023) and I have seen/may request to see the clearance certificate by contacting the Ethics Coordinator (*
I am aware that by participating in this research project I will be contributing towards the researchers understanding the factors, mechanisms and processes required for an online teacher capacity building programme.*
I am aware that I will participate in the project I will be part of the course participants and therefore complete reviews of my training and partake in discussion relating to online course development.*
I am aware that my participation is entirely voluntary and should I at any stage wish to withdraw from participating further, I may do so without any negative consequences.*
I am aware that I will not be compensated for participating in the research.*
I am aware that the following risks are associated with my participation.*
I am aware that this is a low risks study and that I am only participating as a course participant and completing surveys and course reviews. I am aware that my privacy will be preserved and my responses will be kept confidential. No information collected during this survey or review that could in any way identify me, the participant will be supplied to any third-party or mentioned in the research article. Codes will be used to refer to individual participants, unless written permission has been obtained for them to be named or identified. Interview recordings will be safely stored in a secure folder on the Rhodes University System.*
I am aware that the researchers intend to publish the research result in the form of a journal article. However, confidentiality and anonymity of records will be maintained. My name and identity will not be revealed to anyone who has not been involved in the conducting of the research unless I indicate to the contrary/recognise that as a public figure, my identity will inevitably be/become known, in which case I agree to accept the loss of anonymity.*
In terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act (No. 4 of 2013) it remains my right to request the Researcher to provide me with a detailed explanation of exactly how confidentiality and anonymity of the data I provide will be achieved. I may also request to know exactly how my personal information will be stored securely and for how long it will be stored.*
I am aware that if any data collected from me for this research project is to be used by the Researcher for any further study, I am to be informed in writing, and my written consent requested again. I need not consent to the new research if it is incompatible with the initial purpose of the present study (POPIA, s15(3). Equally, I can simply reject the request. In such cases, a formal request needs to be made to me by the researcher via the Ethics Coordinator (ethics-*
I am aware that In terms of the POPI Act, I possess the right to receive feedback about this research. This will take the form of a published article.*
I am aware that any further questions that I might have regarding the nature of the research and/or my participation in it will be answered by Dr Wilma van Staden (*
I am aware that by signing this informed consent declaration, I am not waiving any legal claims, rights, or remedies. A copy of this informed consent declaration will be emailed to me, and the researchers will keep the original on record.*
Name & Surname of Participants*

I am happy to be interviewed to share my personal experience of being part of the Fundisa for Change Professional Learning Community.