The Fundisa for Change Teacher Education Materials

​The Fundisa for Change Programme is supported by the following:

  1. General ‘core’ materials that provide for generic orientation to key issues such as knowledge, curriculum knowledge, environment and sustainability knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and approaches, and assessment practice.
  2. Subject-specific materials that provide specific environment and sustainability content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and assessment practice as relevant to specific subjects and phases and grades in the South African school system. These are closely aligned and integrated with the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) curriculum framework and imperatives. However, the materials work on a CAPS+ approach as they extend the minimum content specified in the CAPS.

The materials and continuing professional development framework are designed to articulate with, and to allow teachers to reflect on textbooks and their contents and use in classrooms. The materials are also designed to provide teachers with access to additional learning support materials that can support classroom practice.

Additional materials may be provided where relevant to complement the Fundisa for Change Teacher Education Materials. These may be materials from local environmental organisations.