Teacher Professional Development

Group Activity 8: Framing Priorities for TPD in South Africa

Spend a few minutes reading the linked article. Think about what the article highlights as priorities for Teacher Professional Development in South Africa.

  1. In your groups, discuss what these priorities mean for the integration of transformative environmental learning into the national curriculum.
  2. How would we go about supporting professional development for teachers with a focus on transformative environmental learning?

Understanding the National System of Teacher Professional Development

As part of the national system of quality and provision, the South African Council for Educators (SACE) is mandated to support and regulate quality provision of teacher professional development into the national system of education. SACE do not, themselves, provide professional development, but rather work with a range of service provides to regulate and control quality of service provision. Fundisa for Change is SACE-endorsed (see more information about this under certification and endorsement).

SACE also plays a role in commissioning research about quality education and teacher professional development, and disseminating research findings into the national system of provision.

There is a useful resource bank of national reports and findings on the Media/publications page of the site.

We will look at SACE endorsement in more detail later in the course.