Suggested Course Outline

The following suggested Course Outline is based on 3-days (24 hrs) contact time. When there is additional time allocated for the Programme’s delivery, more time will be available for the activities from the Subject-specific Materials. All facilitators of the Fundisa for Change Programmes need to ensure that the Core Materials are presented first as these ‘set the scene’ for the rest of the programme.

suggested course outline fundisa for change

It is suggested that each activity in the subject-specific units would include the following aspects:

Activity – 70 minutes

  • Core knowledge
  • Links to CAPS
  • Activity discussion
  • Developing your teaching/assessment practice

The ‘Developing your teaching/assessment practice’ sections of each activity could include development of some of the following skills:

  • Changing questions to be at different cognitive levels, with a focus on higher order thinking questions
  • Identifying and shifting process skills
  • Using and designing a rubric
  • Developing investigations