So What Does This Mean for ​Education for Sustainable Development?

Group Activity 3: Engaging with the Idea of ESD

Revisit your Pre-Course Task 2. In your group, discuss what you understand by Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). In particular, highlight:

  1. What you feel it involves; and
  2. Why you feel Education for Sustainable Development is relevant for the South African National Curriculum.
  3. Does everyone in your group share the same understanding of ESD?
  4. What are the differences and similarities?
  5. Where is the focus for different members of the group?

Group Activity 4: Developing a Shared Understanding of ESD

Based on your discussion in the previous activity, work together to develop a shared description of what ESD is. Pay special attention to the connection to basic education in the South African context. Include the following in your shared description:

  • A working definition that summarises your key ideas;
  • An indication of which knowledge areas are particularly important;
  • A description of the types and forms of learning you think a learner would need to be able to contribute to a sustainable world.