The Fundisa for Change Teacher Education Programme Assessment

Broad Framework for Assignments

The assignments have been designed so that the following broad assessment criteria can be met:

  • Evidence of acquisition and command of environment / sustainability subject content knowledge relevant to teaching in a particular subject and phase
  • Evidence of successful application of appropriate teaching methods and assessment strategies for the relevant subject knowledge
  • Evidence of being able to make situational connections between subject content knowledge, pedagogy, assessment and social-ecological issues and contexts and educational contexts
  • Evidence of reflecting critically and constructively on practice

Assessment Process

Assessment is via a test and/or submitted assignments. Assignments have been carefully designed to support applied, improved teaching practice, assessment practice and content knowledge.

Evidence Expected to be Exhibited in the Assignments:

  • Evidence of some acquisition of new knowledge relevant to a subject
  • Evidence of being able to use a new teaching approach and assessment method (e.g. designing higher order questions for assessment)
  • Evidence of developing a lesson plan that integrates new knowledge, teaching approach and assessment strategies in the Subject concerned in a relevant social-ecological and educational context
  • Evidence of having taught the lesson with critical reflective comments on the processes

A number of assignment opportunities arise out of the core materials: The Introductory Core Text, Methods and Processes to Support Change-oriented Learning and Framing Active Teaching and Learning in the CAPS. These core materials provide the backbone of all of the Fundisa for Change Teacher Professional Development Programmes. Whereas some flexibility is appropriate in the activities chosen for the subject units, the ideas as to content, teaching practice and assessment practice as presented in the Introductory Core Text are crucial to the success of the Programme as a whole.

A see a detailed “Guide to the supporting documents and assignments” that will assist facilitators in navigating the different assessment options possible.