Climate Change in CAPS

In this section we will briefly look at the CAPS Life Orientation curriculum and where teaching and learning of society within a climate change context is most relevant. Each of these topics will then be discussed in the next three units.

Here follows a general summary of the CAPS Life Orientation Topics for the Senior and the Further Education Training Phase.

Senior Phase – Grade 7 to 9

Aim of Life Orientation Grade 7 to 9

  • Guide learners to achieve their full physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social potential;

  • Develop learners’ skills to respond to challenges and play an active and responsible role in the economy and society;

  • Teach learners to exercise their constitutional rights and responsibilities and to respect the rights of others;

  • Guide learners to make informed and responsible decisions about their health, environment, subject choices, further studies and careers; and

  • Provide opportunities for learners to demonstrate an understanding of, and participate in activities that promote movement and physical development.

FET Phase – Grade 10 to 12

Aim of Life Orientation Grade 10 to 12

  • Guide and prepare learners to respond appropriately to life’s responsibilities and opportunities;

  • Equip learners to interact optimally on a personal, psychological, cognitive, motor, physical, moral, spiritual, cultural and socio-economic level;

  • Guide learners to make informed and responsible decisions about their own health and well-being and the health and well-being of others;

  • Expose learners to their constitutional rights and responsibilities, to the rights of others and to issues of diversity;

  • Equip learners with knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions about subject choices, careers, additional and higher education opportunities and the world of work;

  •  Expose learners to various study methods and skills pertaining to assessment processes and

  • Expose learners to an understanding of the value of regular participation in physical activity.