Seed Sharing – Expanding from the past to present to future

   How were things in the past?

Watch this YouTube video about seed saving and seed sharing in the past.

How can seed saving and seed sharing ‘mosuelo‘ help us to grow local food plants together?

Unit 5: Seed Saving

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How are things today?

Click here to read more about the  South Africa National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and the Royal Botanci Gardens developing the national seed collection of South Africa to ensure the long-term survival of South Africa’s plant diversity through ex-situ conservation.

What does this mean for us today?

Open ChatGPT or ASK AI. Type in the following question:

What do seed sharing and saving mean for our future sustainability today?

Paste ChatGPT / ASK AI’s answer in the Forum. Read some of the answers that your fellow students posted and compare your answer with theirs.