Wild Greens – Assessment Task

Create an imifino /wild greens pamphlet to create awareness of collecting wild greens and how these can be used to enhance community health. Your pamphlet should be based on LOCAL research in your community* and should include the following:


  • An explanation of how Wild Greens can become a sustainable solution to enhance our community health and support biodiversity in our garden.

Illustrations and Information of at least two wild greens
(from your local community or your imifino cow dung garden)

Including for each plant:

  • Leaf rubbings to illustrate the structure of the plant.
  • The plant name in as many languages as you know (including the Latin /scientific name).
  • The plant’s distinguishing features (including plant structure, colour, leaf shape, texture and smell
  • How you would prepare each wild green as a meal or to complement a meal.


  • Summative statement


  • To knowledgeable people (who you approached for information for this task) and internet sources.

* NB! Internet may only be used to find scientific/other names or supplementary information about nutrition. All other information must come from a knowledgeable local (either in Makhanda, your home town, or a place you have resided in the past). If you cannot find a knowledgeable person from these contexts, you can visit the Albany Museum and ask to speak to a botanist at the museum who can help you.

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