Materials and Equipment Reviewing the Programme Assessment The Fundisa for Change Teacher Education Programme Assessment Broad Framework for Assignments The assignments have been designed so that the following broad assessment criteria can be met: Evidence of acquisition and command of environment / sustainability subject content [...]

Suggested Course Outline


Accreditation & Endorsement Planning & Preparation Suggested Course Outline The following suggested Course Outline is based on 3-days (24 hrs) contact time. When there is additional time allocated for the Programme’s delivery, more time will be available for the activities from the Subject-specific Materials. All facilitators of the [...]

Certification & Endorsement


Funding Fundisa for Change Courses Suggested Course Outline Certification & Endorsement Guidelines for Facilitation of the Fundisa for Change Continuing Professional Development Programmes Fundisa for Change CPD Approach/es and Materials The Fundisa for Change Programme has an explicit approach: it seeks to support teachers understanding of, and [...]

Funding Fundisa for Change Courses


Partnerships & Collaboration Accreditation & Endorsement Funding Fundisa for Change Courses Institutional Context The Fundisa for Change programme is currently led by Rhodes University working in partnership with a growing consortium of partners. The programme co-ordination hub sits within the Rhodes University Environmental Learning Research Centre, which [...]

Partnerships and Collaboration


Course Models Funding Fundisa for Change Courses Partnerships and Collaboration Fundisa for Change is a partnership-based programme founded on principles of collaboration, transformative learning and evaluative review of practice in order to build a national system of engagement to broaden and deepen capacity for environment and sustainability education in South African [...]

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