Starting and Supporting Professional Learning Communities


Working in Provincial Nodes Starting and Supporting Professional Learning Communities Teacher Professional Learning Communities The Integrated Strategic Framework for Teacher Professional Development (ISPFTED) foresees the nation-wide implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). PLCs are put forward as a central instrument to strengthen teachers’ continuous professional development (CPD) and as [...]

Working in Provincial Nodes


Working with Task Teams Starting and Supporting Professional Learning Communities Working in Provincial Nodes Building Collaboration Within ProvincesFundisa for Change partners engage in the programme in various ways. However, all teacher professional development workshops are run collaboratively between two or more partners.A new area of development is the [...]

Developing and Reviewing Materials


Quality Assurance Working with Task Teams Developing and Reviewing Materials Collaboratively Developing Materials All the materials introduced in the course so far have been developed collaboratively. Materials development teams include subject specialists and practitioners working together to bring theory, core knowledge and practice into each resource. ​ Materials [...]

Quality Assurance


Partnership Protocol Developing and Reviewing Materials Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Linked to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning To further support transformative learning, quality assurance and sharing, implementation partners should be open to review by and engagement with peers, by participating in and contributing to professional exchanges. Examples of [...]

Partners within the Fundisa for Change Network


Connecting to the Fundisa for Change Network Partnership Protocol Partners within the Fundisa for Change Network Fundisa for Change represents a community of practice, working together within a sector-based approach to contribute to the professional learning of teachers. Environmental Sector Partners Environmental sector partners contribute to [...]

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