4. Improve your assessment practices

In the CAPS curriculum there is a strong focus on assessment practices that are clearly defined. Topics to be tested are indicated, and there are practical guidelines for what needs to be assessed, including how many marks to be allocated by when. Assessment in CAPS is both formative and summative.

This structured approach to assessment provides teachers with clear pathways for assessment. The environmental content in the CAPS also needs to be properly assessed, because it is a core part of the curriculum, not simply a ‘nice to have’. This part of the course will therefore support teachers to develop the insights and skills necessary to ensure high quality and effective assessment practices.

To support your learning on ESD and Assessment, please refer to pages 15-18 of the Fundisa for Change Core Text and the Slide Presentation where we give special attention to the assessment of higher order skills.

For further insights into the assessment of learning activities and how such assessment can promote sustainable development, you could also see page 132 – 140 of The Guidebook on Education for Sustainable Development for Educators.