Working with Task Teams

As part of the Fundisa for Change strategy to strengthen partnerships and work collaboratively across the network. the national coordinating team would like to set up a range of task teams. Below are a list of proposed task teams. Each partner is encouraged to participate and contribute their expertise into at least one of the areas, as part of the task team. Once you have identified the team you feel you would like to contribute, kindly let the national coordinator know, so that she can connect you to the relevant people.

The process is an open one, so if you feel there is a need for a particular focus within the network that is not listed here, you are welcome to establish and lead a focused task team, through the national coordinator.

Certification, Endorsement & Accreditation

This team will focus on leading endorsement, accreditation and certification processes. This currently includes SACE endorsement and certification through accrediting higher education institutions.

Communication and Media

The role of this task team is to facilitate communication of Fundisa for Change activities – both within the network, and externally. This includes Newsletters, the Fundisa for Change website, communicating activities with media outlets, and corresponding with funders.

Fundraising and Sustainability

This task team will focus on generating funding to support Fundisa for Change activities at all levels, but with a special focus on national funding and large projects.

Materials Development and Review

Here, the focus is on reviewing the existing materials, in addition to conceptualising and leading the development of new materials aligned to CAPS and in support of the transformative learning agenda. Review and development extend to both written and other learning artefacts like online courses, support materials, videos, games, etc.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Because of the complexity and evolving nature of the Fundisa for Change programme, in addition to the large sums of funding being leveraged through the programme, monitoring and evaluation processes are vital towards strengthening quality and accountability within the system. While some work has already been done in this area, there is a need for focused development of monitoring and evaluation processes within the system of activities.

Policy Alignment and Advocacy

This task team will focus primarily on engaging with national policy in two ways: a) in terms of informing and strengthening policy development processes, and b) through keeping abreast of policy decisions and mandates and working to translate and to align Fundisa for Change activities to them.


The Fundisa for Change programme already has a strong trajectory of research informed and research led work. The Research Task Team will continue to work towards developing and strengthening research programmes across the Higher Education Institutions, and disseminating these findings across the network.

Strategic Development

The strategic development task team is led by the national coordinator, in collaboration with representatives of all the key partners. Strategic planning meetings are open to all partners within the network. This team leads strategic decision-making on behalf of the network, including core decisions on behalf of the network.

Strengthening a National System of Engagement

This task team shares some overlap with the Policy Alignment team, but is specifically focused on creating and strengthening relationships with key partners, with a special focus on partnerships within the Department of Basic Education at all levels.

Training and Implementation

The Training and Implementation Task Team will work with the national coordinator to facilitate the further development and rollout of Fundisa for Change courses and network initiatives.